When Home Depot Close

Are you curious about the opening and closing hours for Home Depot stores? A visit to the biggest home improvement shop may be your first choice when planning certain DIY chores. What time does Home Depot open?

You don't want to drive to the closest shop to discover the doors shut after arriving. That would be especially frustrating if you intended to hire a moving truck from Home Depot. Moving might be time-sensitive, so if you arrive at the shop anticipating particular hours and they don't materialize, it will undoubtedly cause complications.

Don't put yourself in a bad situation because relocating involves deadlines. Home Depot may be a lifesaver whether you are buying, selling, or relocating, but not when they are closed. Nobody wants to squander their time; thus, people frequently look for information about Home Depot's current hours. So that you don't waste a trip, let's look at how you may quickly determine Home Depot's operating hours.

What Time Does Home Depot Open and Close?

However, Home Depot has many locations, so they don't all open and shut simultaneously. Some stores open at 7 am on weekdays, and on Sundays, they close at 8 pm. Even holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Memorial Day, might vary. If you want to visit your local Home Depot store at a time beyond regular business hours, you should call them. Call in advance to avoid being taken aback by an unexpected opening and closing schedule.

General Hours for Home Depot

Most Home Depot stores start business hours at 6 am and end at 10 pm. These are their opening and closing hours on six out of seven days. They are open from 8 am and close at 9 pm on Sunday.Even though these are the average opening times, you could be surprised if your neighborhood shop stays open for fewer hours.

If you want to take advantage of a retail location's longer opening hours, you should verify beforehand before making travel plans. Some store locations do open later and close sooner.

Holiday Hours At Home Depot

Around the holidays, some of the most frequent Home Depot hours searches occur. Consumers frequently look up the Home Depot's hours on holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Memorial Day. It is wise to call your neighborhood Home Depot to find out their holiday hours. The hours listed online are occasionally off.

Discovering Home Depot's Location-Specific Hours

Yet, there are quicker methods to learn Home Depot's hours without phoning them. Visit their website to learn how to do the following:

  • Check out HomeDepot.com
  • You should notice "Store Locator" at the top of the webpage; click it.
  • You may search using your state, city, or ZIP code.
  • To view the Home Depot operating hours, click the store locator link.

Nearby Home Depot Locations

A map of local stores is also available on the Home Depot website. You can make it to another shop if you arrive after closing time. It will also show reviews and ratings. Choosing a different Home Depot location would be preferable.

You may always search online on your phone for Home Depot near me to find different locations if the website is down or you're having problems browsing. You might also do Home Depot business hours close to me.

Additional Shop Information Locally

This store page will provide further details about the store's services and operating hours. If the shop sells those items, they could include connections to their garden center, bathroom showroom, moving truck, and home services.

Details on any in-store promotions are also accessible. In your neighborhood store, there can be sales on the desired products, but you only have so long to buy them. It will also advise you of the best-selling items in the shop of your choice.

Also, they are looking to offer a map and links to pages for stores. Hence, you could discover another store in your neighborhood that remains open later if you miss the Home Depot hours for your first preference.

Home Depot's Residential Services

You may get assistance from the home services section of your shop with various home improvement projects. You may discover it in your neighborhood shop if you need assistance with a DIY project or want a professional to enhance something in your house.They provide many residential services, such as installing closets, worktops, kitchens, and baths. Whether you want carpet, vinyl, tile, hardwood, laminate, or another type of flooring, they can install it.

The home services division provides both in-person and online consultations. You may take measurements during the virtual consultation, and then video chat with a design professional afterward. It will help you understand what they can supply for you, and they will also give you a free price.

Although they are probably the same as the shop hours, the website lists the hours for home services.

Renting a Moving Truck is One of Home Depot's Most Well-liked Offerings

Look at the resource at the top of the page, which thoroughly summarizes all the information you need about truck rentals, including costs and the types of vehicles available. A great approach to save money vs. hiring one of the best moving firms is to rent your moving truck from Home Depot. Getting a truck for your relocation could save you hundreds of dollars. It would help if you also investigated U-Haul, Home Depot's main truck rental rival. Both are excellent businesses for DIY moving.

What Are Lowe's Hours of Operation?

It is dreadful to pull into the parking lot of a home improvement business when you need something essential and find the store is closed. Alternatives are always a nice thing to have. Naturally, Lowe's is the greatest rival of Home Depot; thus, it would be a fantastic idea to include their store hours as well.

Most Lowe's home improvement centers open at 6 am and shut at 10 pm. It will be vital to ensure that the neighborhood business does not have different hours from Home Depot. You may obtain any information required by going to Lowe's.

Findings on Home Depot Hours

Finding the Home Depot hours is usually simple and quick, whether you need them for today or tomorrow. The hours of operation at Home Depot are comparable to those of major rivals Lowe's and Walmart but longer than those of Costco and many other businesses.

While the typical operating hours of businesses may vary, if you limit your visits to between 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening, you should be safe. Check ahead to save yourself a wasted trip if you need to visit a shop after certain hours.

When Home Depot Close

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Home Depot branches are shutting down?

Along with locations in Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac, and Northwest Milwaukee, Wisconsin, other stores closing include those in East Fort Wayne and Marion, Indiana; Frankfort, Kentucky; Opelousas, Louisiana; East Brunswick and Saddle Brook, New Jersey; Rome, New York; Bismarck, North Dakota; and Findlay and Lima, Ohio.

What time does Home Depot open and close?

Most Home Depot stores start business hours at 6 am and end at 10 pm. These are their opening and closing hours on six out of seven days. The Home Depot closes earlier on Sundays. On Sunday, they start at 8 am and end at 9 pm.

In 2023, will Home Depot close any locations?

Target is the least financially stable of the three, yet neither Costco, Home Depot, nor Target is at immediate risk of going out of business, permanently or otherwise.

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