Pros and Cons of Insulating Garage

If you want to know if wrapping your garage is really worth it then analyze the pros and cons of insulating garage yourself before making a final decision.

This is because insulating a garage for various purposes is the trend nowadays.

It is also no hidden fact that people insulate their garages because it is used for several other reasons other than keeping a car.

Pros of Insulating Garage

From aesthetics to sound-proofing, there is a range of advantages of garage insulation which are given below:

1. Protects Against Varying Temperature

Generally, garages lack insulation. Insulation is put between the walls for keeping the house at a certain temperature.

It assists in protecting one’s garage from extreme weather conditions, whether it is too cold or too hot temperature.

Although this does not mean that the temperature outside will not be felt inside at all, yet having insulation slows down the effect of the weather outside.

2. Increases Energy-Efficiency

Owing to the fact that insulating a garage helps in keeping the temperature as it is and also maintaining it for long, there is escalated energy efficiency.

Insulation keeps the heat or cold temperature inside the place for a long time and hence, the house becomes energy-efficient.

Due to the setup of garage insulation, the HVAC system does not have to work that hard, hence the heating and cooling bills are also lower.

3. Extra Space for your Benefit

The availability of extra space is another advantage of an insulating garage. As the temperature inside the garage can be easily controlled due to insulation, the space can be used for any purpose.

Some of the common options people use their insulation garages for include gym, dance and band area, workplace, or even a new room.

This space can also be used for storing several products which otherwise may get destroyed due to extreme temperatures. With insulation, you will be protected from it.

4. Assists in Home Protection

Apart from protecting your not-so-used but valuable products, insulating barriers also help in protecting your valuable space from several other issues.

One of the issues is carbon monoxide poisoning. As most people start their cars in their garage itself, it results in the release of carbon monoxide which is extremely dangerous.

Due to the insulated walls, it becomes nearly impossible for the gas to seep inside the house.

On the other hand, without insulation, this gas enters the house premises and causes a lot of damage to goods and health.

5. Acts as a Sound Barrier

The use as a sound barrier is another major benefit of insulating a garage. The good part is that sounds from outside would not disturb you inside.

What is more, with this insulation, your sound will also not reach out, and hence there will be no disturbance will be caused to anyone due to your loud music or movie night.

It has been observed that people with insulating garages have better relations with their neighbors due to decreased levels of noise intervening in houses.

Cons of Insulating Garage

In spite of offering so many benefits, many people hesitate to install insulating garages in their homes. Some of the reasons in form of drawbacks of insulating garage can be read further.

1. Requires a lot of Before-Hand Preparation

In case one wants to have an insulating garage, one must fill in all the gaps and cracks within the area where insulation is to be done otherwise it is a waste of money.

If there is space, it lets the air move in and out which voids the purpose of having any insulation at all. Similarly, it also becomes necessary to insulate the garage door.

With this being said, there is a lot of preparation to be done before actually insulating any area. Beginning insulation without doing this can result in vain.

2. Unsuitable for Warm Climates

For people residing in areas where there is a lot of heat, an insulating garage does no good. Because all the heat is trapped inside, the temperature rises dramatically.

In such a situation, if one has to open the garage door at regular intervals to let the heat then this is clearly one of the demerits of insulating garage.

Hence, it is wise to think beforehand if insulation is actually required, otherwise you will have to remove it sooner or later.

3. Can be Extremely Costly

If the area where insulation is to be done is small, then it might not be that costly and instead is easily affordable.

However, if the area which is to be insulated is huge, the cost of doing the same can skyrocket sharply in no time.

Even if it is said that energy efficiency is one of the advantages, it takes a lot of time to recover the investment cost which might not be appealing to a lot of individuals.

4. Requires Professional Assistance

While it is the era of DIY (do-it-yourself), the idea is not so good when it comes to insulating garages.

Due to the different types of materials involved and depending on the area to be covered, a disadvantage of garage insulation is difficulty in doing so.

As a matter of fact, individuals who begin to complete the task by themselves end up hiring professionals to complete the same, which again adds to the cost.

5. Not so Appealing to Look

No matter what material one intends to use, the look is not so appealing once the task of insulation is completed.

On the other hand, the view of the cardboards and foams is a great turn-off for the modern home-stayers.

Hence, if you are the one who cares about aesthetics a lot, insulating a garage might not be the suitable option for you.

Conclusion of Pros and Cons of Insulating Garage

It is evident from the above discussion that there are both advantages and disadvantages to insulating garages.

As a huge sum of money may be involved in this process, it is necessary to think thrice before finalizing your decision.

Similarly, the advantages are also plenty which makes it a definite choice for people. So, carefully read the pros and cons of insulating a garage before coming to a conclusion.

Pros and Cons of Insulating Garage

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