How Many Home Depots are in the US

In more than 2,300 stores across USA.

In 1978, Home Depot, a retailer of home improvement products, was established in the US. Since then, it has spread throughout the nation and the world, becoming a household name. The Home Store's trademark orange aprons and catchphrase, "More saving, more doing. That's the power of the Home Depot," have become instantly recognizable.

Just how widespread is Home Depot? They firmly claim to be the biggest reseller of home improvement products worldwide. As of March 2021, it had over 2,300 large box stores across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

American Home Depot Locations

The US is, without a doubt, the largest market for The Home Depot. In Georgia, its headquarters are still located today; it originally launched its stores in 1979.

What began as a small hardware business has since grown to encompass all 50 states and all US territories. Among those territories, The Home Depot operates 1,994 locations, with at least one in 1,364 cities. The Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa are the only US territory without a Home Depot.

The Most Home Depot Locations are in Which State?

Florida, Texas, and California have the most Home Depot locations. California surpasses them all with 234 sites, accounting for 11% of all Home Depot locations and having one shop for every 168,854 residents.

Texas ranks second with 181 shops, or 9% of all retailers. With 20 sites inside its borders, Houston has the most shops overall. One hundred fifty-six shops, or 7% of all stores, are in Florida.

Home Depot Shops Across the Globe

Home Depot now has stores in Canada, Mexico, the United States, and its territories. There is a Home Depot in every Canadian province. Over 30,000 employees are working across the country's 182 sites. The corporate headquarters are in Toronto.

The Home Depot has grown to be one of the largest retailers in Mexico since it arrived in the market in 2001. There were 125 stores in Mexico in 2020, mostly in the northern and central regions.

Foreign Business Attempts That Failed

Home Depot has attempted to open locations in other nations, but with less success. In just 6 years, it was compelled to cease operations in China. In addition, it has attempted and failed to penetrate the markets of Peru, Chile, and Argentina in South America.

A DIY shop that served Ireland and the UK was purportedly in negotiations with the firm in 2005, but the arrangement never materialized.

Who Has More Shops Between Lowe's and Home Depot?

Another large box home improvement company, Lowe's, is the main rival of The Home Depot. Home Depot now has around 200 more sites in the United States than Lowe's (1,731). With 152 sites, Texas is also its largest state. In 1989, The Home Depot supplanted it as the largest home improvement shop in the US, and it has remained in that position ever since. Lowe's has 470 locations across the Canadian network; however, none are in Mexico or other foreign nations.


The largest retailer of home improvement products in the US is still The Home Depot. It's an excellent company with a global presence that operates in the US states, US territories, Canada, and Mexico.

How Many Home Depots are in the US

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the US's biggest Home Depot located?

Wikipedia states that the largest Home Depot location is in Vauxhall, New Jersey, and is about 217,000 square feet.

Is Home Depot bigger or Walmart?

According to ratings from The Home Depot's consumers, the brand is ranked #86 out of the top 100 global brands. Their market value now is $301.06B. On the World Top 1000 Brands list, its customers place Walmart's brand #104. Their market value at the moment is $382.64B.

Which is larger, Lowes or Home Depot?

According to our calculations, Home Depot has about 241 million square feet of interior retail space and 55.6 million square feet of outside garden area. Lowe's has an interior space of over 245 million square feet and an outdoor space of about 70 million square feet for garden centers.

Why is Home Depot so profitable?

The chain serves both experts and do-it-yourselves interested in home remodeling. According to executives, rising property values benefit Home Depot's company because homeowners improve their properties.

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