Pros and Cons of Xfinity Home Security

A Comcast Corporation subsidiary, Xfinity sells cable TV, wireless services, telephone, and internet. Xfinity Home Security is one of those services. The company offers Xfinity home control through monitoring services and smart home security equipment. Existing customers of Xfinity can add security monitoring for $29.99 to $39.99 a month.

The following states don't provide Xfinity Home Security: NV, MT, WY, ND, SD, NE, OK, IA, HI, AK, and RI.

Pros of Xfinity Home Security

  1. Improvements in Professional Monitoring
  2. Alarm Mode Options
  3. Mobile Xfinity Home App

1. Improvements in Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring is available around the clock with Xfinity home security systems. Customers can receive notifications and real-time alerts with this security monitoring.

The Xfinity home security package comes with the following:

  • 24-hour*7-day professional monitoring
  • Smart Home Management
  • Real-Time Warnings
  • Backup for cellular systems
  • HD Live Video
  • App for Xfinity Home
  • Compatible with Xfinity X1 (see video on your TV)

Customers may also buy standalone versions of Xfinity products like door/window sensors, indoor/outdoor cameras, security camera systems, Xfinity routers, Xfinity modems, zen thermostats, outlet controllers, smoke detectors, and motion sensors in addition to Xfinity home pack.

2. Alarm Mode Options

Customers with a home security system can choose between Arm away, Arm stays, and night home automation Xfinity alarm modes. When customers are getting ready to leave their house, they can turn on their motion sensor using the "Arm away alarm mode".

The consumer can activate the home security system's "Arm remain alarm mode" inside their residence. While the system is armed, it ensures that clients can travel throughout their homes without restriction.

Customers with motion sensors installed in their houses can use the "arm night alarm mode" to get alerts if their perimeters have broken even while the sensors are off.

3. Xfinity Home App for Mobile

Customers of Xfinity have access to an app that enables them to manage their homes from any location and receive real-time alarm messages on their devices. Customers may manage their lights, temperature, and other features.

Customers may watch live footage of their homes on the app for no additional charge. But to get live video monitoring, customers need to buy Xfinity security cameras. The indoor/outdoor camera is a part of the live video plan, which is what you select.

Customers can also select the "camera with recording" package from Xfinity Home Security.

Cons of Xfinity Home Security

  1. Two-Year Contract & Variable Costs
  2. Extra Xfinity Services Are Necessary
  3. Complaints about the core Xfinity customer service

1. Two-Year Contract & Variable Costs

Xfinity Home security requires a minimum two-year contract. With one significant exception, this is comparable to other service providers on the market.

The price for 24/7 professional monitoring is indicated as "29.95/month for 12 months" out of a 24-month contract because Xfinity contractually can raise customers' monthly monitoring prices following the first year of service.

2. Extra Xfinity Services are Necessary

If a person is not an Xfinity customer, they cannot purchase Xfinity Home Security (internet, cable, phone, etc.). Customers must have a high-speed internet subscription to purchase the most basic home security plan.

Customers must have one of their "home packages," which combines internet and TV services, to purchase the more comprehensive home security package. Customers may spend far more each month than anticipated, only to have access to Xfinity home automation due to these requirements.

3. Complaints about Xfinity's Core Customer Service

Former and present Xfinity home security customers have voiced concerns about service delays, billing issues that result in additional fees, and subpar Xfinity phone customer care. The vast majority of our customer complaints about Xfinity are related to the company's home security service.


Xfinity Security does not compete with other firms in the home automation market. First, there have been many unfavorable evaluations of Xfinity home security, particularly with the two-year commitment and variable monthly monitoring fees. To utilize Xfinity home security systems, customers must purchase additional services.

With its monitoring services, Xfinity performs better at keeping its customers satisfied than ADT, Vivint, and Ring Alarm. However, it still falls short of Frontpoint Security, Link Interactive, and Protect America's home security systems.

Pros and Cons of Xfinity Home Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Is xfinity home security cost-effective?

Based on excellent customer ratings and home security services, Xfinity Home is a reliable home security system. However, they currently provide limited equipment options and customizations (monitoring your home). They specialize in integrating and automating smart home gadgets.

What advantages does xfinity home security offer?

Professional 24/7 Monitoring: Rest easy knowing that you have fast reaction times and professional monitoring available around the clock. If a smoke or security alert occurs, highly trained monitoring personnel can contact the appropriate authorities. The purchase of additional equipment is necessary.

Can xfinity home security be used offline?

To restate, you can purchase Xfinity Home without Xfinity TV or internet service. However, there are advantages to combining with Xfinity's internet service because the xFi gateway and Home Station function together.

What is the price of cancelling xfinity home security?

If you want to stop your subscription before your contract expires, Comcast/Xfinity charges a fee. The contract charges are $10 each month for the remaining months. For instance, Comcast would charge you a $90 early termination fee if you terminate your service with nine months left to go.

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