How Often Home Microneedling

Many people adore the widely used derma roller for its anti-aging effects. You must try micro-needling if you want radiant skin at home. Microneedling is a well-liked skin rejuvenation procedure believed to help lessen hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and bothersome acne scars. Dermarollers are not only incredibly practical but also quite simple to use.

Every skincare enthusiast makes the error of being impatient and overusing micro-needling to get results more quickly. It does nothing to help the skin; on the contrary, it causes more harm and reduces the beautiful advantages of the gadget. Thus, it would help if you used only microneedles sometimes. This article includes a summary of numerous derma-rolling techniques.

How Does Micro-needling Work?

We use a derma roller or pen in the micro-needling treatment, which causes microscopic damage to the epidermis and dermis.For the benefits of micro-needling to be seen, the healing, inflammation, and collagen formation must occur on time. Collagen synthesis, or collagen, reaches its maximum of 14 days following surgery. Hence, it recommends waiting for at least 14 to 30 days following the initial micro-needling surgery before having another one.

Can I Micro Needle Frequently?

There are numerous recommendations for derma rolling frequencies. Still, it can be challenging to identify the most efficient one that delivers the best effects on all skin types while still being applied gently. So don't worry; we extensively tested the derma roller to provide you with the necessary information. Needle length mainly influenced the frequency of derma.

Following directions, while performing micro-needling at home is crucial because failing to do so could result in skin damage.It would help if you hunted for a derma roller with the best needles.Start with a short-needled derma roller as you experiment with micro-needling at home. Using your derma roller 2-3 times per week with 0.1mm or smaller needles is safe. To get the best results, use a serum in addition. You should stick to and maintain your weekly micro needling schedule.

If you are utilizing longer needles, you must wait at least 4 to 6 weeks before performing the next micro-needling operation. It is because micro-needling leaves tiny skin wounds that must completely heal before the second treatment. It will take time for your skin to heal and regain its youthful radiance.

Moreover, cellular turnover takes 4 to 6 weeks, depending on age. Before receiving another treatment, waiting and giving your cells time to rejuvenate and replace themselves is preferable. If you microneedle at this period, the skin that is about to be replaced by cellular turnover will be further damaged.

Second, micro-needling accelerates collagen and elastin production in our bodies. And it takes around three months to finish. Hence, scheduling treatments more frequently will be more detrimental than beneficial.


As needle length affects how frequently micro-needling treatments perform, it is crucial to understand what to apply to your skin and when to achieve the best outcomes. We must follow the following rules:

  • You can use 0.25 mm microneedles every day or every two days.
  • You can use 0.5 mm microneedles once a month or every seven days.
  • You can use 1.0 mm microneedles every six to eight weeks.
  • You can use 2.0 mm microneedles every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Using needles longer than 2.0mm at home is not advised. Start with a 0.25mm needle length for beginners.
How Often Home Microneedling

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I micro needle at home during the week?

The length of the needles in your derma roller and your skin's sensitivity will determine how frequently you receive treatments. You can roll every other day if your hands are short, but you might need to spread out your treatments every three to four weeks if they are longer.

Can the effects of micro-needling last forever?

The results of micro-needling might occasionally be long-lasting. Yet they don't endure forever—results occasionally only last between four and six months. Once we have thoroughly reviewed and assessed your cosmetic problems, we will give you a more precise estimate of how long you may anticipate your final results to endure.

Can I conduct micro needling at home every day?

Micro-needling is best done right before bed to allow actives to permeate while you sleep. It is important not to overdo it because doing more would only prolong the inflammation. Limit your usage to twice a week at most.

What adverse effects might micro needling at home cause?

With micro-needling, there are a few transient adverse effects of mindfulness. Short-term swelling, redness, and skin flaking that lasts for a few days are side effects of the operation. Most people can resume wearing their usual makeup within a day of treatment.

Do dermatologists approve micro needling done at home?

It's a known truth that professional micro-needling produces significant outcomes, while at-home micro-needling makes a slight difference. For two reasons, micro-needling performed at home can never be as effective as having the treatment done by a professional. First, experts in skin care utilize more sophisticated micro-needling equipment.

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