Pros and Cons of Tiling Bathroom Walls

We consider bathrooms with tiles traditional, which is not surprising given that they make the area appear cleaner and lighter. You can experiment with various tile types and pick from various designs. Starting with no prior experience with tiled bathrooms might be stressful.

Do you intend to tile your bathroom walls but are unsure if it is the right move? Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of choice is one way to assist decision-making.

You will better understand what you need and can handle if you know the advantages you might obtain and the potential issues.The advantages and disadvantages of tiling the entire bathroom wall are listed below.

Pros of Tiling Bathroom Walls

You may take advantage of various benefits of fully tiled bathroom walls. These are a few of these advantages:

1. Durable

Tiles endure a long time, and if you use a high-quality one and have it installed and maintained properly, your tiled walls could last up to 20 years.

2. Cost-effective

Tiling is an inexpensive bathroom wall alternative, especially since it is less expensive than hardwood flooring. Additionally, you can utilise less expensive materials and save money on other expenses like painting and skimming.

3. Water-resistant

Tiles are ideal for use as bathroom wall coverings because they are water-resistant.

4. Flexible and Individualistic Designs

You can choose from various tile designs and tiles with various sizes, textures, and hues!

5. Makes the Space Appear Spacious

Since bathrooms are typically smaller than other rooms in the house, placing furnishings that give the impression of more space is always a wise choice.

6. Easy Maintenance

Since tiles are simple to clean and maintain, thoroughly tiling your bathroom walls will save you time and money. All you need is a vacuum, a moist towel, and a broom.

Cons of Tiling Bathroom Walls

You should be aware of several drawbacks to fully tiled bathroom walls.

1. Cold

The winter can be cold because tiles do not retain heat efficiently. If you decide to install entirely tiled bathroom floors rather than tile flooring, this won't be a huge issue.

2. Imbalance

If someone does not properly place, the tiling job can easily become unbalanced in some places; thus, it is vital to check that everything is in place.

3. Hard and Slippery

Tiles are naturally hard, and when you stand on tiled flooring, they can become slippery. It won't be a huge issue if your bathroom walls are all tiled.

4. Heavy

if your bathroom is on the second or third level, ensure the building can support the weight of the tiles you're about to install. Due to their weight, tiles can add additional strain on the building.

5. Expensive Overhaul

Renovating requires you to remove and replace everything, which might be very expensive.

Why Bathroom Wall Tile?

Here are some additional factors to consider if you're still on the fence about using tile for your bathroom walls.

1. Tiles allow light to bounce, and your bathroom will appear lighter and more spacious.

2. If you choose tiled bathroom walls, you'll save money on materials compared to alternative wall options.

3. You won't have to worry about mould issues with fully-tiled bathroom walls, which are more common with partially-tiled bathroom walls. Moreover, this might be a frustrating issue since restrooms are typically damp.

Cost of a Bathroom with all Tiles

Before getting started on totally tiled bathroom walls, you should also talk about the expense. Tiles can be inexpensive, but like any project materials, the price greatly depends on the materials chosen. Expect increased costs if you use higher-quality tiles.

Be prepared to pay less if you select lower-quality tiles.There is always a medium ground, which is nice. Choose a material that matches your needs financially and how you want your bathroom walls to look.

But to be more precise, the average price is $12.50 per square foot (including the materials and the labour). The total cost of the job can be between $450 and $10,000.

It may vary according to the size of your bathroom, the type of tile you select, and the time it took to complete the tiling. If you know how to install the tiles, you can save a lot of money since labour costs range from $600 to $800.

Regardless of your choice, be sure you have adequate money set aside before you begin the job. To assist you in planning your finances, don't forget to compare the prices of the various tiles.If you know how to install the tiles, you can save a lot of money since labour costs range from $600 to $800.


The benefits to your family, the environment, and the diversity and creativity you have when it comes to bathroom tile selection make bathroom tiling worthwhile, even though it can be time-consuming, expensive, and labour-intensive. Your home will feel cosier if you have lovely bathroom tiles to gaze at every day.

You have two options for installing your bathroom tile: hire a professional, acquire all the supplies you'll need, and do it yourself.

Pros and Cons of Tiling Bathroom Walls

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it preferable to tile the entire bathroom?

No, it's not necessary. There are no other materials to provide decorative waterproofing to bathroom walls. Traditionally, tiles are used in wet bathroom parts (around the bath and inside the shower enclosure).

What is a bathroom's substitute for tiling?

Alternatives to tiles for bathroom walls. We can replace ceramic wall tiles with waterproof wall panels from Multi panel. They not only offer a completely waterproof finish but also install far more quickly and require less upkeep than conventional tiles.

How durable are tile walls?

A wall tile. A well-installed and kept-up tile installation can endure up to 75 years. Because you are tired of the appearance, you are more likely to replace the tile.

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