Pros and Cons of Elongated Toilets

One of the things you don't consider until a problem arises is the shape of the toilet. For this reason, most individuals ponder, "Why would I desire an elongated toilet bowl when the round one is perfectly adequate?

They are unaware of the numerous advantages that elongated toilet bowls have over round ones. Although they can cost a bit more, they provide all family members and visitors with greater comfort and efficiency.

For example, a longer bowl provides more space, reducing the risk of getting back up when nature calls. Additionally, it will be easier on your back if you have trouble bending down to use the restroom due to an injury or old age.

The following advantages and disadvantages will help you decide whether to purchase an elongated toilet bowl.

Pros of Elongated Toilets

Here are a few advantages of having an expanded toilet bowl if you're seeking motivation.

1. Elongated Toilet Bowls are More Space-efficient

First, elongated toilet bowls are more compact than round bowls, so if you want to maximize the space in your bathroom, think about installing one. They are designed to match the available space in your bathroom better, freeing up more room for other goods like toiletries.

2. They are also Cosy to Use

You might not have noticed, but some individuals find sitting on a round bowl uncomfortable, which is bad for their health. Due to their lengthy shape and capacity to fit any size body, elongated toilets typically provide greater comfort than round toilets.

Exerting yourself when using the toilet is unnecessary since the bowl has adequate space for bowel movements. It is simpler for the body to maintain balance without running the risk of tipping over.

3. Ideal for Those who have Mobility Issues

This type of toilet is gentler on the body than the conventional round one if you have a condition or impairment that makes it difficult for you to get up from the floor. A round toilet is shorter than an extended one. The elderly or others with mobility challenges who might find it difficult to reach up high into the air when using a conventional height toilet now have simpler access.

4. Save Water and Time when Flushing

Because there is less exposed surface area and the flushing time is shorter, elongated toilets offer superior water conservation. If your home has several bathrooms with traditional design toilets, this translates to fewer gallons per flush, which over time, can save thousands of dollars.

5. Kids Have it Easier

It has been demonstrated that elongated toilet bowls are advantageous for persons of all ages and sizes, including children. They offer more space for mommies to clean up after their children and are simpler for children to utilize.

6. Suitable for Tall Individuals

An elongated toilet can be right for you if you have long legs and find it difficult to accommodate them on a conventional one. The back of the bowl on these toilets has more space so that your feet may easily reach down without having to cross it.

Cons of Elongated Toilets

1. Space

An extended bowl may not fit well in tiny bathrooms or seem cramped. (In several of the rooms we have worked on over the past year, the extra inches prevented the bathroom door from closing. Measuring before doing anything in a small room is crucial!).

2. Not Recommended for Young Children

The wider entrance size can be more challenging for tiny children to move through if they frequently use a restroom. But keep in mind that kids grow, and there are 'potty seats' for kids to use in the beginning. It makes sense to decide based on long-term requirements rather than immediate wants if you want your toilet to endure a long time.


Why would I require a toilet bowl that is longer? It can seem like an odd question, but it is genuine. There are many advantages to replacing your current fixture with an elongated type, even though the elongated toilet bowl has been available for over three decades.

This essay has demonstrated that the square toilet bowl is less comfortable for adults and children. It also occupies a lot less space, uses less water, and speeds up flushing.

Pros and Cons of Elongated Toilets

Frequently Asked Questions

Are elongated toilets better at flushing?

Also, elongated toilet bowls may flush with more force and be easier for taller individuals. It would imply that they're a little simpler to maintain and need fewer double flushes to empty the bowl after use. Home improvement stores, so there's no need to order one specifically from specialized sellers.

How much more room does an extended toilet require?

The Two Types of Toilets and Their Differences. For instance, elongated toilet bowls can stick out up to 31 inches from the wall, whereas round toilets stick out about 28 inches. You can tell from this distinction that the elongated bowl requires more room.

What are the advantages of an elongated toilet seat?

Elongated toilet seats (and the corresponding toilets) typically offer a larger bowl area than their round equivalents. As opposed to using a bidet on a confined, round seat, this makes cleaning and personal hygiene tasks more comfortable.

Do elongated toilets provide greater comfort?

As with other things, this is a matter of preference and can be influenced by an individual's height and weight. Elongated bowls are more appealing and comfortable than front-round bowls.

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