Pros and Cons of Bathroom Barn Door

The most frequently requested restoration item we receive is undoubtedly barn door sliders for bathrooms, which have become increasingly popular in recent years.

There are essentially only two explanations for why bathroom sliders are so well-liked. One, they look fairly cool, and two, we all want more space in our bathrooms, so replacing a hinge-swinging bathroom door with a bathroom slider is much more tempting.

The Pros and Cons of Bathroom Barn Door sliders are discussed below, along with some frequently asked questions. Most of the bathroom slider settings we install are what I refer to as the barn door slider configurations in this article.

Pros of Bathroom Barn Door

Sliding barn doors are a powerful design component that gives your area a rustic, enduring feel. They are a wonderful way to give your house character and charm.

But they do more than make a statement visually. Comparing sliding barn doors to conventional swinging doors reveals many benefits. The following are a few of the main advantages of sliding barn doors:

1. Beautiful

Bathroom sliding doors, especially barn doors, go nicely with any décor, from traditional to contemporary. People adore them for their exquisite details.

2. Excellent For Small Bathrooms

Most people detest hinged bathroom doors, especially when they have a small bathroom because they frequently clash with the shower screen door.

3. The Room Feels Larger

Barn doors are a huge space saver and will enlarge a bathroom just by their presence, freeing up the floor space required for traditional hinged doors.

Cons of Bathroom Barn Door

Sliding glass doors have many benefits, but they also have some drawbacks. Installing sliding glass doors is frequently more expensive than installing other doors.

1. Cost

Depending on the type you choose, installing and supplying barn door bathroom sliders will probably run you between $800 and $2000.

2. Smell

There will be smells coming through, good or nasty because the room's entry is not sealed. This door style is not usually advised if your companion has a bad odor.

3. Noise

Similar to the smell, pleasant sounds that can emanate from bathrooms and ensuites are not muted by sliding bathroom doors.

4. Wall Space

When installing barn doors, there is frequently necessary to have clear wall space on both sides of the opening; this practically doubles the length of the wall required. On some walls, you cannot install light switches or hang photos.

5. Privacy

Due to this, barn door sliders frequently cannot be locked unless you install a side latch, which may be both aesthetically pleasing and useful in many situations.

Bonus Advice for Bathroom Sliding Barn Doors

Spend More

If you have the option, spend more on sturdy hardware. Kits for sliding barn doors typically include affordable hardware. When possible, upgrade to heavy-duty rails. Spend more money on solid doors because they are significantly more robust, especially if you use them frequently with heavy objects.

Don't Hang Art on Your Walls

When hanging art or affixing wall fasteners, use caution when installing bathroom sliding doors. Don't even risk the notion that you won't swing the barn door all the way if you accidentally install a wall hanger in its path.

Pay Someone to Install it

You may always hire someone to install these barn door bathroom sliders. They are difficult to install because the track they come with may be fragile, or your walls may be uneven. Although I am aware that they are not the cheapest items to install, my suggestion is to avoid doing any DIY work if at all possible.

Bathroom sliders with barn doors will be well-liked, and for a good reason. They are usually attractive and appear like a wise choice at the time. I'll add that they don't provide much privacy and don't block out smells or sounds. Sliders are excellent for tiny bathroom remodels or improvements outside of that bathroom.

Take the risk, but always hire a professional to install bathroom sliding doors when you can or if you can afford to if they go well with your bathroom renovation.


The benefits of choosing a barn door for the bathroom include the following:

  • The availability of many different styles and designs.
  • The need for a little space
  • The ease of installation

This decision has certain drawbacks, such as a lack of privacy. It all comes down to your personal choices in the end.

Pros and Cons of Bathroom Barn Door

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major advantages of a barn door?

The major advantages of barn door sliders are to provide the impression of more space in a bathroom primarily intended for en-suite remodeling. Since no hinged piece leads into the bathroom area, they give the impression that small bathrooms are larger. It can quickly become the center of attention in a space that might otherwise be dull.

Do barn doors work for bathrooms?

Yes! If you install a barn door on a rail or slider setup, you can utilize it for a bathroom. Due to their size—the majority are over 1 m wide, although the average door frame configuration is just 800 mm—they cannot use barn doors in bathrooms without a rail setup.

When should you avoid using a barn door?

One significant drawback of barn doors is that they do not effectively stop moisture from evaporating, which is why they are not ideal for bathroom doors. It is a benefit when using them as washing facilities. It enables any heat or moisture from the dryer and washer to ventilate.

Do barn doors reduce noise?

Due to the gaps between the door and the wall, sliding barn doors are, by nature, less soundproof than conventional doors. But by installing a high-quality door installing it, you can reduce the volume of sound that enters the room.

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