Nowadays, everyone wants to represent their individuality by actively participating in everything from wall color to floor design for home. Floors, after walls the second most important component of home furnishing and their influence on the house's appearance and feel.

Types and materials of floor design for a house

Ceramic tiles design

In modern days, Ceramic tiles are the best option for building materials. The tiles are sturdy quality and custom-built design, the ideal choice for customer searching for low-cost flooring without sacrificing a luxurious appearance.

Hardwood floor material

Hardware is a type of flooring; some homeowners choose this hardwood flooring because it enhances the floor's appearance. Hardwood material is unique and costly, but money doesn't matter.

Concrete flooring

The most common flooring in India is concrete flooring. Cement is a long-lasting, practical substance that needs a little upkeep.

Marble flooring

Marble is the most desired floor linked to luxury and the best choice for living rooms. Marble comes in various patterns like many colors, tints, etc. The only drawback of this floor is it requires a lot of upkeep.

Floor design ideas for the living room

When guests come to our house first object they see is the living room. So homeowners should invest sufficient money in living room design.

Centerpiece floor design

The centerpiece design captures the attention of everyone as it is an artistic creation. The colorful centerpiece on the floor enhances the living room's look and the guest's mood. This type of design is often seen in large, luxurious residences.

Vinyl home floor design

Vinyl sheet designs make it effective and attractive in the living room. People who love eye-catching patterns go for vinyl sheets. Vinyl flooring comes with endless designs and patterns. It is also water resistant.

Floor designs for the dining room and kitchen

There are two separate rooms, a dining and a kitchen, in vast and expensive villas. The small apartment has a single room where the kitchen and dining serve both. There are popular kitchen and dining room floor designs.

High-contrast floor designs

It's designed for a single space serving as a kitchen and dining. You may pick between black, white, and yellow colors to indicate the portion of the room as kitchen and dining.

Floor laminate design for kitchen

Laminate flooring is ideal for the kitchen and dining room. The material is clean and stain resistant. Laminate floor designs are inexpensive and available in various contrast colors and creative styles.

Best floor designs for bathrooms

Choosing the most suitable floor for the bathroom is critical. The bathroom fully religiously comes in contact with water, soap, and steam, so choose an anti-slip pattern.

Honeycomb floor design for home

Bathroom tiles come in an anti-slip coating, and they are waterproof. Honeycomb floor designs are attractive and customized to the requirement of homeowners. This floor advantage is that it is very inexpensive and can be done with large or tiny tiles.

Mosaic bathroom floor design

The mosaic bathroom floor design is waterproof, artistic design and safe, non-slip floor tiles. A mosaic pattern is made up of tiny tiles. This design is recommended for kids' bathrooms since you can make a design with smaller tiles, and the bathroom floor will seem brighter.


Choosing the right floor design requires some effort and research on which material is appropriate for rooms and professional advice. Some designs are expensive and inexpensive also. Before selecting a home design, always conduct research and consult a professional.

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