Stove in Corner of Kitchen Pros and Cons

Corner stoves, also known as island stoves, are standard kitchen appliances. When corner stoves are built, an interior "false wall" is installed in the corner of the room, enclosing a triangular column of space. This is typically due to space limitations, but it can also be done on purpose. Corner stoves, on the other hand, maybe placed against the wall. There are, however, safety concerns with corner stoves installed in this manner. This kitchen improvement guide focuses on the Stove in Corner of Kitchen Pros and Cons you should know.

What are Stove in Corner of Kitchen Pros?

Having a cooking stove in the corner means you’ll have many benefits. Let’s look at the stove in corner of kitchen pros and have good reasons to build one.

1. Increased cooking space

When installed in the kitchen corner, a stove takes up less counter space than when it is placed against a wall. This can be an important consideration if your kitchen is small.

2. Increased Storage

A cabinet or pantry can be built into the "false" wall surrounding the stove, providing extra storage for pots and pans, spices, or other cooking supplies.

3. Increased ventilation

A stove installed in the corner of a room allows for better ventilation than one against a wall. This is especially important if you have an exhaust hood or fan over the stovetop.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing

A stove with a hood and ventilation fan creates the look of an island or peninsula, giving your kitchen a more open feel. It can also help to make small rooms appear larger.

5. Safety Advantages

Corner stoves installed in the corner of a room do not pose a great danger should they catch on fire and can be easily contained. However, if installing against a wall, there are safety concerns about potential fires that might arise from this location.

What are stove in Kitchen Corner Cons?

Installing a stove in the corner means there are safety concerns first if there is no window just behind or next to it. Furthermore, there are other stove in kitchen corner cons on the listed.

1. Increased Fire Risk

There is a greater chance of fire spreading when a stove is placed in the corner of a room. It's important to take all necessary precautions to prevent fires, including proper installation and use of venting systems.

2. Limited Counter Space

If your kitchen is small, installing a stove in the corner might not leave enough counter space on either side for food preparation and other tasks. It might be better to place the stove against a wall in this case.

3. Difficulties with Ventilation

It can be difficult to properly ventilate hoods and fans over stovetops placed in the corner of a kitchen. This is especially true if your kitchen has an older design or was not built for this type of installation.

4. Safety Disadvantages of Installing Stove in Kitchen Corner

There are no set standards for how close your stove should be to the wall, although you should verify your city's building codes to ensure that your kitchen design follows all safety measures.

However, due to the fire danger posed by having the wall exposed to lengthy and intensive heat, it is still advised that your stove's range burners be at least 12 inches (1 foot) away from the sidewall.

5. Limited Storage

As mentioned earlier, a built-in cabinet or pantry can provide extra storage space for pots and pans, spices, or other cooking supplies. If your kitchen does not have this feature, you may need to find another place to store these items.

Conclusion on the Pros and Cons of Stove in Kitchen Corner

If you install a stove in your kitchen, be prepared to manage the grease. Using a splatter screen or a grease guard while cooking, as well as utilizing grease-resistant paint and a backsplash will keep your kitchen looking clean and beautiful. It's all a matter of personal taste. However, specific style solutions may be used to build a kitchen interior. For example, in a tiny-sized corner kitchen, you should use a design to make the space seem more significant visually. The rest is tending to the pros and cons of stove in kitchen corner closely.

Stove in Corner of Kitchen Pros and Cons

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